[Oneshot] The Dancer’s Problem



The Dancer’s Problem

presented by pearlshafirablue

Zhang Yixing [EXO-M]
Kim Hyoyeon [GG] – Kim Jongin [EXO-K]
EXO-M’s Members

| Life, Canon, slight!Romance | General | Oneshot |

“All of the characters are God’s and themselves’. They didn’t gave me any permission to use their name in my story. Once fiction, it’ll be forever fiction. I don’t make money for this.”

Zhang Yixing. Apakah ada yang mengenal dia? Tidak banyak—sejujurnya. Tetapi jika kita panggil dirinya dengan sebutan lain, tidak ada satupun orang yang tidak mengetahui Zhang Yixing. Lay. Kalian semua kenal ‘kan?

Agak bingung sebenarnya ini masuk genre apa. This story is inspired from a fanfiction written by Jo-eon who already published here. Trust me, I forgot the title. It’s already one year ago. A fanfiction with Cho Kyuhyun as the main cast. Thank you, a lot!


Semuanya mengenai dia.

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