Take a Drink Together (Chapter 6 – Absinth)

EXOShiDae Fanfiction


Take a Drink Together

presented by pearlshafirablue

Do Kyungsoo [EXO-K] – Kim Taeyeon [GG]

| Romance, Action, AU, slight!Mystery | PG-15 | Chaptered [6 – {Absinth} of ?] |

All of the characters are God’s and themselves’. They didn’t gave me any permission to use their name in my story. Once fiction, it’ll be forever fiction. I don’t make money for this. Inspirated by Aoyama Gosho’s Detective Conan The Series.

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Another TaeSoo story. Hope you like it. Romance! Not psycho again. LOL. Anyway, the title is inspired by Davichi’s song; Take A Drink Together. But only the title. Not the story. POV in every chapter maybe changed. So, read carefully. Warning, age manipulation!



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