Take A Drink Together (Chapter 10)

EXOShiDae Fanfiction

take a drink together


Take a Drink Together


| Do Kyungsoo (EXO-K), Kim Taeyeon (GG) |
Tiffany Hwang (GG), Huang Zi Tao (EXO-M), Kim Hyoyeon (GG), Kim Joonmyun (EXO-K)
Action, AU, Mystery, Romance
Multichapter (10 of ?), Teen

“All of the characters belong to God and themselves. They didn’t gave me any permission to use their name in my story. Once fiction, it’ll be forevr fiction. I don’t make money for this.”

Inspired by Frea © Thee & Rien

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Big sorry! Chapter ini lama banget terbitnya. MOS membuat saya menggila. Dan mudah-mudahan ini lebih “terasa” panjang. Enjoy your popcorn!


SHS, Seoul, Korea Selatan

“Kalau begitu, aku pulang dulu.” Taeyeon merogoh kantung kemeja sekolahnya dan tiba-tiba sebuah benda berbahan dasar logam jatuh begitu saja ke atas lantai. Taeyeon yang…

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