[Request] “The Broken Wings”–Yoo

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Meet You


Title                 :           Meet You

Author            :           pearlshafirablue®

Cast(s)              :           Tan Hangeng [SJ]

Other Cast(s) :           Song Qian [f(x)] – Wang Fei Fei [miss A]

Genre               :           Romance

Rating              :           General – AU

Length              :           Vignette/Ficlet – 1007 Words [4 pages]

Disclaimer      :
Hangeng is not mine, he is belong to God, himself, his agency, his parents and his fans. But the story and plot is mine. No one can claim this as them. I don’t make many for this. Please respect, comment and appreciate it


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TOP 15 Cutest Maknae by Nitizen!

Hello, readers!

Back with me!

Sekarang, aku akan post 15 maknae paling imut se-Korea Selatan menurut Nitizen!

Kalian semua tahu kan Nitizen itu apa? Kalo gatau, tanya mbah gugel ya! xD

Oke, langsung aja!

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